Medela: 360° growth strategy on Amazon

Challenges & Solutions

For over 60 years, Medela has been the healthcare choice for more than 6 million hospitals and homes in over 100 countries. They are trusted in providing them with research-based breastfeeding and baby products as well as healthcare solutions for hospitals.

In 2021, Medela was looking for input to generate additional e-commerce growth. FACTOR-A/DEPT® took on this challenge and helped Medela accomplish its goal by:

  • Evaluating its status quo performance
  • Creating targets for the year with a customized roadmap
  • Implementing a continuous progress tracking method

We facilitated a complete Strategic 360° analysis for Medela EU5 to identify their growth potential, the number of required investments, and the necessary actions. Our work with Medela has resulted in a significant increase in conversions and advertising sales.

The Challenge

Medela’s extensive portfolio presented the challenge of building a well-rounded growth strategy because they operate within the very niche maternal products category. Other challenges were building a general strategy that covers Medela’s pan-European presence and a separate one only for search advertising in the UK.

The Solution

Through collaboration with the global Medela team, we offered a comprehensive approach to the brand and supported them in their journey to go the extra mile on Amazon by combining our expertise in consulting analysis, advertising campaign management, retail management & content optimization with the entire dashboard, and QBR monitoring.

Creating Strategic 360° Analysis

Amazon Ads

Our goal was to scale the Medela Europe search advertising campaigns in order to increase the market share, visibility & sales. We aligned this based on the regular results of the market share analysis and share-of-voice analysis. Besides competitor targeting, we paid special attention to all other kinds of targeting (auto/generic/defensive/ ASIN/retargeting) as well as different ad types (SPs, SBs, SDs, SBVs). Furthermore, we considered local market trends and situations in the campaign setups.

How we did it

Step 1

In the form of a roadmap & related tracking measures, we depicted our 360° analysis for EU5 to identify the possible growth, required investments, and actions needed.

Step 2

We showed Medela’s day-to-day performance and the tracking process through reporting from different teams to keep an eye on Medela’s KPIs.

Step 3

We demonstrated how we leverage Deal & Advertising in specific markets as two main performance factors on Amazon to improve growth. Apart from that, we also looked at twister, competition, price, content and visibility/traffic indicators.


The performance in all areas of Amazon has increased with specific measures taken in advertising and deals. These are the following:

  • Reallocation of budgets between deal and AMS
  • Refinement of the strategy for Prime Day
  • Optimization of the AMS campaigns
  • Close monitoring of key competitors
  • Adjustment on the twister strategy

This has also led to better mapping of the company’s efforts and needs, as well as shown great results on the bottom line. The project had implications on the budget allocated such as reallocation of budgets between deal and AMS, focus on deal outside of the big deal period, as well as adjustment of the AMS campaigns. In combination with the internal team setup, it resulted in defining the future focus on the consulting side with new exciting projects unique to Medela that are planned for 2022.

In combination with the internal team setup, it resulted in defining the future focus on the consulting side with new exciting projects unique to Medela that are planned for 2022.

Wrap Up

Unique mix

Our work with Medela serves as a perfect example of a full-service client willing to go the extra mile on Amazon with our full support. It’s a unique mix of consulting analyses, advertising campaign management, retail management and content optimization, fully monitored through the dashboard and the QBRs.

Transparency culture

Overall, we are able to follow Medela’s performance on a day-to-day basis, leverage its key factors in the specific markets and report back to Medela. This is what our test & learn approach looks like as well as the transparency culture that we value so highly.

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Nesma Abdel-Hamid
Team Lead Sponsored Advertising

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