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Improve your brand presence with a Brand Store

Having a Brand Store on Amazon is an added value of which many businesses are not taking advantage.

Our clients often ask us:

  • How can I best optimize the home page to give the shopper a good overview?
  • How many pages and subpages should be used?
  • How can I make sure that the shopper finds what he or she is looking for?

Here, we offer everything you need to know about the creation of Brand Stores.

What is a Brand Store?

A Brand Store allows brands to build a unique website within the Amazon cosmos. It allows companies selling on Amazon to personalize the experience for their shoppers while displaying their product range, special deals and establishing their brand voice.

How can a Store improve your branding strategy?

  • Elevated shopping experience: Combine text and image content and provide potential buyers with detailed information on your product range and explanations on complex products.
  • Consolidated brand presence: Advertise your brand, become present for shoppers and advocate for your brand’s values in just a few clicks.
  • Several landing pages: Brand Stores can be used for off-site marketing while sub-pages can be used as landing pages within the Amazon ecosystem.
  • KPI availability: An Analysis Dashboard collects significant data about your store’s performance and measures the success of external campaigns.
  • Deals & performance availability: Promote active deals, especially during events like Prime Day and Cyber Week or seasonal business.


Build up a home page that is: easy to navigate, gives a good overview of the different categories and also promotes sales with elements like the product grid. Furthermore, the home page can be used to introduce the brand and to integrate special offers or seasonal products.

If possible, a Brand Store should not contain too many categories, so the customer will not get lost. Working with subcategories can help.



  • Easy navigation and customer satisfaction as he finds what he was looking for 
  • Converted sales
  • Creating space for special offers and seasonal products that can be changed when needed

What is a branstore

A Store can be accessed on desktop, tablet and smartphone


Case Study: Amplifying JBL’s Brand Presence on Amazon

Main Challenge

  • Optimizing a very large product portfolio on multiple marketplaces.
  • Building and maintaining a uniform brand image in the Amazon cosmos.
  • Developing an Amazon presence for JBL not only for new shoppers but also for loyal customers while simultaneously adhering to their existing e-commerce and corporate identity.

Our Solution

  • Developing a designed concept that could be applied to Premium A+ product detail pages and content creation, which served as a layout and guide for future content creation.
  • Building a Brand Store which was rolled out for all categories and marketplaces.
  • Making an extra effort to ensure uniformity of the content with increased efficiency and feasibility of creation.

The Outcome

Not only did our work help boost JBL’s current sales and brand presence with optimized, uniform content, but our actions and initiative will also continue to save time and promote JBL as we continue to roll out new products and marketplaces.

Content creation

Example: Brand Store, Germany

Let’s improve your brand presence with Brand Stores

Contact me now – in case this topic is currently relevant for you or if you have any other questions and needs in terms of driving the efficiency and growth of your Amazon business.






Amir Samari

Head of Account Management