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Upon working with us, Electrolux recognized that their internal stakeholders had varying degrees of knowledge about Amazon. As experts, we developed an entirely new way of working with our clients in order to help pass on our knowledge on Amazon and bring them up to the expert level as well. We worked to offer Electrolux a personalized Vendor Academy that would serve as a concrete teaching tool for both current employees as well as for onboarding new employees.


The Amazon cosmos is extremely complex, so to help Electrolux master the main topics, we developed learning materials with personalized topics.

We held 18 live sessions in two time zones and even helped Electrolux to develop an internal learning academy with complimentary promotional materials. All the sessions were recorded, so that every participant had the opportunity to re-watch it at their own convenience.

The Electrolux Vendor Academy consisted of a combination of pre-reading materials, live sessions and practical workshops on the topics of Content on Amazon, Search Advertising, KPIs & Reporting and Deals.

1400   Informational slides

>900   Minutes of live streams

>200   International participants



This was a completely new project for FACTOR-A/DEPT® and a new concept for Electrolux. With over 1400 slides, more than 900 minutes of live streams and more than 200 international participants each week, FACTOR-A/DEPT® helped electrolux to build a foundational company-wide Amazon knowledge base.

Overall, the Electrolux Vendor Academy, created by FACTOR-A/DEPT® provided on-the-spot knowledge transfer to the employees of Electrolux in each of the live sessions, but also allowed us to create an internal learning platform that Electrolux can continue to use to educate their employees.

The Challenge?


Amazon is a fast-evolving and complex world that requires a thorough understanding in order to be leveraged fully. In order to tackle this challenge, building a knowledge base needs to be done in an efficient and structured manner.


The Solution


The Vendor Academy provides a full understanding of the Amazon world and tackles the following topics: Amazon as a new cosmos, Content Optimization, Search Advertising and Amazon Performance. We developed an Academy specific to Electrolux, keeping in mind their specific business needs on Amazon.

Benefits of the academy


The Vendor Academy is extremely flexible. We align constantly with the company to ensure that all participants have access at times that are convenient for them. We create tailored workshops, specific to the company’s needs and offer global training over many different time zones.

We also offer only the most up-to-date information as our experts create and update the learning materials with only the most current information that will improve the competitive positioning of each business that participates. Completing the certifications can be embedded into other considerations, for example, HR can incentivize the completion of each level for its employees.

There are many reasons to keep your Amazon knowledge up-to-date.


E-commerce usage is soaring and, more specifically, Amazon usage.

  • More than 50% of the world population will be using e-commerce by the end of 2025
  • Amazon is also one of the most renowned online shopping platforms in the world
  • Amazon is present in nearly 60 countries and has 300 million active customers yearly
    Amazon is also the starting place for millions of people searching for a product online
  • Amazon expands much beyond just the site itself, with both on and off-site advertising, it can serve as a catalyst with which you can boost your business on an international scale
  • Not selling on Amazon, or not taking advantage of the platform by obtaining the maximum amount of knowledge possible, means missing out on a giant opportunity for an online presence.

“The Academy brings all learning material on Amazon Marketing into one place with depth on each topic, yet it is still easy to navigate and understand.” – Patrik Bälter, Electrolux

Building up a knowledge base within an entire company is the best way to maximize engagement as a team and, therefore, achieve well-rounded success in every aspect of Amazon. This knowledge should be consistent across the entire company and applied through a centralized approach.

The Electrolux Vendor Academy did just that – ensuring a uniform transfer of knowledge from our experts to every participant from Eelectrolux with the most up-to-date information on Amazon and transparent, flawless communication across the board.


Academy structure

A combination of pre-reading materials, learning videos and online sessions, packed full of expertise and informative, practice-oriented workshops make up the Vendor academy methodology. In order to incentivise high quality completion of each level, participants must successfully complete a quiz in order to move on to the next level.

Academy Topics


This structure is quite flexible and can be adjusted based on the needs of the brand taking part in the Academy. We provide a selection of topics for the academy content, from which the brand can choose areas of interest and then define the levels accordingly.


The content of the academy is split into the following topics:

  • Amazon as a cosmos
  • Content optimization as a foundation
  • Search Advertising as a permanent growth lever
  • KPIs and reportings as decision makers

Academy Levels


Each topic is covered on a level-by-level basis. When participants complete a level, they receive a certification to monitor their progress. With successful completion of all levels, participants have the knowledge to achieve performance excellence on Amazon.

The levels span from Basic, to Advanced and Expert.

The Basic Level serves as an introduction to the most important Amazon basic concepts and can occur in the form of just pre-reading material or a combination of pre-reading and live sessions, depending on needs.


The Advanced Level takes a deeper dive into these important Amazon related topics with some personalized focus areas to specifically grow your business on Amazon. This level, in combination with the basic level, is highly recommended to build a strong foundation.


The Expert Level is made of expert sessions that take an even deeper dive into personalized focus areas and includes a live analysis of specific challenges.

General Approach

First Step – Basic Level

Preparatory pre-reading material: Development and gathering of basic Amazon information in order to create a uniform understanding of the Amazon universe.

Second Step – Advanced Live Sessions

Builds up knowledge from the basic level and takes the form of a remote workshop. Includes exclusive knowledge and information that we have curated through our years of experience in the field of Amazon.

Optional Step – Expert Live Sessions

Case study-oriented live sessions on each area of knowledge. This level builds on the knowledge from the advanced session and is oriented towards customized case studies, with an application-based learning style. This level helps the participants to apply their newly acquired knowledge in real-life scenarios.

Quiz & Internal Integration


We created a quiz for each level of each section to ensure that the participants have obtained the core knowledge from that section and are ready to move on to the next (see Indicative Roadmap above).

For Electrolux, the quizzes were made available through Google Forms and then adapted to Cornerstone, the Internal Learning Management System used within Electrolux for employee education after the initial run of the Vendor Academy.

This system includes personal profiles for each participating employee as well as badges for successful level completion to monitor progress.

The Vendor Academy was flexibly built by FACTOR-A/DEPT® in collaboration with Electrolux in order to make it a tool that Electrolux can continue to leverage for years to come. In addition, the Academy covers fundamentals that will remain relevant over time and can be easily updated as changes in Amazon develop.

Vendor Academy adapted to Cornerstone, the Electrolux Internal Learning System

The details

The layout of the Vendor Academy* was carefully crafted to help Electrolux accomplish its specific goals for its Employees’ knowledge about Amazon.

*The following details are specific to the ELX Academy and are likely to vary by brand

Part 1:

Understand Amazon as a Cosmos


Advanced & Expert 4-hour sessions that consist of the following topic content


Amazon strategic overview

  • The DNA of Amazon
  • Biggest differences between Amazon and other channels and the most common misunderstandings
  • Deep dive on Amazon Terms & Conditions
  • Amazon services and levels of Service Program

Operational Basics and Insights

General comparison of distribution models (Seller, Vendor, Hybrid)
Amazon ways of working: internal transhipments, cross-border sourcing
Automated pricing: internal and external mechanisms
All revenue influencing factors of Amazon data

Part 2:

Manage Your Content as a Foundation for Any Actions




  • Definition of Amazon content components, its structure, component requirements & how to drive conversion



  • Hands-on keywords analysis and classification for product description content
  • Creating content & long-term challenges
  • Benefits of each component & using them to highlight product USPs
  • Content Monitoring & Review Management as necessities




  • Hands-on, personalized content workshop based on pre-selected ASINs
  • A look at what needs to be considered for a global new product launch

Part 3:

Paid Advertising as a Permanent Growth Lever




  • Why advertising on Amazon is crucial & what the components are
  • Finding the right keywords for your campaigns & why it is important to cluster keywords and ASINs / how to manage those clusters




  • Various Sponsored Advertising strategies & defining those for your advertising product portfolio
  • Becoming a bestseller, increasing market share & product / brand awareness
  • Launching a new product line & cross- / upselling
  • Campaign setup for optimal performance & interpreting important KPIs
  • Analyzing and optimizing Search campaigns



  • Personalized, hands-on campaign setup with pre-selected ASINs
  • Amazon Attribution Beta

Part 4:

Evaluate KPIs as a Crucial Decision Maker




  • Amazon Retail Performance Cycle components
  • Which KPIs are performance drivers & which can be used to measure the success of my strategy



  • Which KPIs are performance drivers & which can be used to measure the success of my strategy
  • Analyzing how KPIs interact with each other to develop a strategy – determining how action can be derived from these KPIs
  • How to create a meaningful reporting / dashboard
  • Why different KPIs are considered in different product clusters and product life cycles – what actions can be derived from these KPIs



  • Specific KPIs impacted by Paid Advertising
  • Potential analysis within a specific Amazon category

Warum up


The development of the Electrolux Vendor Academy left not only the participants, but also the experts who created it with a new level of Amazon knowledge.

The first of its kind, the Vendor Academy became a framework for knowledge transfer both from FACTOR-A/DEPT® to Electrolux, and also internally within Electrolux.


“Electrolux Vendor Academy is helping us drive organizational learning at scale across our global marketing community, to execute world class marketing on Amazon.” – Patrik Bälter, Electrolux


The Vendor Academy was built by FACTOR-A/DEPT® in collaboration with Electrolux specifically for Electrolux and it proved to be an extremely valuable tool for both parties.

It began as an interactive, flexible 6-month program for Electrolux employees around the world. It then became a fixture in their internal Learning Management System.

The Academy proved to be an extremely valuable tool for Amazon knowledge transfer and has paved the way for many future brands to obtain the fundamental Amazon knowledge they need for success.


Can be applied to many time zones and used by employees whenever it is convenient for them



Live sessions and quizzes keep participants engaged throughout the entire duration of the academy



Built with Electrolux to ensure the academy covers exactly what they needed to achieve their goals


Universally applicable

The majority of the material covers the foundational information about Amazon and, with small updates, is relevant and applicable over a span of many years



Maxime Delatte

Data and Strategy Junior Consultant
Sebastian Gilles

Sebastian Gilles

Director Strategic Growth US & Innovation

Sebastian Gilles ist Director Strategic Growth US & Innovation bei FACTOR-A/DEPT®und ist dort u.a. Verantwortlich für die Weiterentwicklung unseres strategischen Beratungsangebotes und der datenbasierten Beratungsprodukte. Bevor er seit Anfang 2020 bei FACTOR-A/DEPT® zahlreichen großen Herstellern hilft die passende E-Commerce und Amazon-Strategie zu entwickeln, hat Sebastian zwei Startups im B2B-Ecommerce und SaaS gegründet und war Bereich Digital- und Strategieberatung bei Accenture und BCG tätig.

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Sebastian Gilles
Sebastian Gilles
Director Strategic Growth US & Innovation

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