Barilla Pesto Week: Encouraging Pasta Lovers to Purchase Pesto

Barilla Pesto Week

In early summer 2019, FACTOR-A/DEPT® developed a unique advertising strategy to boost impressions and stimulate sales for Barilla in the German Amazon Marketplace. Barilla is renowned for its delicious and versatile pasta selection, but we decided to shine the spotlight in a different direction and feature one of pasta’s favorite companions: pesto.

Pesto Week gave us the chance to focus our advertising efforts on Barilla’s pesto selection, highlighting the variety of options and inventive ways to use pesto, beyond the pasta bowl. The results speak for themselves.

Barilla Pesto on AMazon

Barilla Pesto Week in Numbers: Pesto ASINs

+38% Impressions


+166% Clicks

+93% Avg. CTR


+351% Revenue

The Challenge?

Barilla is a well-known and trusted brand, but we wanted to introduce their lesser known products to shoppers looking for innovative ingredients, not just for pasta.

Our Solution

Pesto Week was a one-week event composed of a variety of advertising campaigns and deals designed specifically to drive traffic to Barilla pesto products. We focused Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands campaigns on a set of pesto ASINs and strongly invested advertising efforts into those products for one week.


The Sponsored Advertising setup of the Pesto Week Campaign was as follows:

24 Sponsored Products Campaigns for 12 Pesto ASINs
16 x Core // 8 x Pantry

6 Sponsored Brands Campaigns for 14 Pesto ASINs
3 x Core // 3 x Pantry

Barilla pesto recipe


  • Pesto products show a significant performance improvement during Pesto Week (calendar week 24) in comparison to all campaigns
  • Pesto sales have increased more than threefold and account for 60% of weekly Sponsored Ad sales in calendar week 24
  • Pesto campaign spend is up 1.5x and accounts for 57% of total spend in calendar week 24


Wrap Up

Small Focus, Big Benefit

With the support of FACTOR-A/DEPT®, Barilla was able to maximize their presence on Amazon during Pesto Week. Not only did they see an increase in pesto ASIN figures during this week, but also in overall sales, impressions, revenue and more thanks to the concentrated Sponsored Advertising efforts.

An Event of Their Own

This advertising event demonstrated that brands don’t need to wait for events like Black Friday or Prime Day to build specific campaigns and drive sales. With the help of the advertising experts at FACTOR-A/DEPT®, Barilla gained a 3x sales increase in their pesto products from an event that was all thier own.

Barilla Pesto Products on Amazon